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  • Energetic innovation, integrity and responsible

  • Do our best and starting from ourself

  • Customer first, quick service

  • Being the world's only one and inspire the future



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Reasons for choosing CDOUBLES

  1. 1
    The world’s first high-quality service guarantee

    Currently when all brands discuss high-quality security monitoring products, just lip service and make declaration Warranty period is maximum guidelines, CDOUBLES break with traditional thinking, pioneered the world’s first high-quality product shipments that once Contractors buy CDOUBLES Products , to ensure that the natural period of internal faults and repair parts, CDOUBLES is not only free to complete the repair quickly within 72 hours, and also provide additional product failure feedback to the consumer for the product and its installation, CDOUBLES’s security monitoring products ensure engineering companies and consumers the maximum interest of both sides and to establish mutual trust.

  2. 2
    The world’s first high-quality aftermarket service guarantee

    CDOUBLES provides high-quality service guarantee period within 18 months, such as product’s failure is caused by natural reason, CDOUBLES provides engineering companies and consumers the highest total for each product the equivalent of NT $ 7,200 7-11 Voucher maximum protection of the interests of aftermarket products.

  3. 3
    The world’s first to maximize brand’s responsibility

    CDOUBLES raises the world’s first high-quality service assurance system, the main innovative thinking in the past, security monitoring brand management, responsibility is consumers> Contractors> brand suppliers, changed by the consumer

  4. 4
    The world’s first arrival Repair Record

    In order to establish the largest interests of both engineering companies and consumer, CDOUBLELS enhances transparency by video recording service to record the complete repair services for defective product within 72 hours for all CDOUBLES product.

  5. 5
    The world’s first brand equity aftermarket products

    CDOUBLES is not only to provids the world’s first high-quality products shipping and high-quality and service assurance to ensure the sale of products to maximize the interests of after-sales, and even more to prevent the occurrence of becoming an orphan for CDOUBLES security surveillance products, in the company’s Web site your will find warranty and repair systems, so that all users choose to install CDOUBLES security monitoring products can get CDOUBLES best possible service during product lifetime.

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