Company History

CDOUBLES is founded by a group from Taiwan’s security monitoring brand manufacturers field, serving more than 10 years of outstanding colleagues.

Brand Spirit

CDOUBLES Logo design is C DOUBLE DOUBLE S with this 2C2S created by combining, C DOUBLE representing the brand purpose is to allow Contractors and consumers to establish mutual trust and the interests of both the largest, DOUBLE S represents a unique brand of faith is to Special High quality assurance and product shipments Service unique product sale rights protection, as part of four independent blue, representing the brand objectives that serve the global market, the red stars represent CDOUBLES security monitoring devices are more sensitive than the retina, with the After these ideas, our brand direction is very clear, that is how to help the first line of works to their dedication to simply do business, and consumer customers will be his very grateful for his service, so CDOUBLES group Chau electronic innovation implementation of the “Global the first high-quality service assurance system “, proposed the establishment of a platform approach by brand suppliers to ensure that all sales of products liability will be for the high quality of the precedent, and provide 18-month guarantee period, the Department for reasons such as product repair parts caused by failure, CDOUBLES for engineering companies and consumer products to provide customers with a total count for each product sale NT $ 7200 yuan to protect the interests of creating “the greatest trust and benefit both sides,” for all care CDOUBLES engineering business and consumer brands.

So brand value conferred CDOUBLES

Let Contractors selling products to get consumers the greatest trust.
Allow consumers to buy products to get the largest engineering service providers.

This is a brand CDOUBLES sustainable keep the faith, but also your security surveillance industry, responsible for unprecedented security monitoring brand suppliers.

I believe CDOUBLES – I believe the future
Believe CDOUBLES-Believe Future
Believe CDOUBLES- Believe Future

CDOUBLES global aftermarket products to protect the interests of the first brand